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All students are required to wear uniforms.

 MCSD 2023-2024 Student Handbook and Code of Conduct

Click on the link below :


Important Information

**Student Checkout**

Students cannot be checked out after 1:30.


Afterschool Program Application

Click on arrow (right top corner of document) to download. Complete application, print and return to school office.


**Transportation Registration**

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In order to control bus capacities and keep our students safe, all students who need transportation for the school year 2023-2024 must register prior to receiving a bus assignment. This includes all students, regardless of a previous year, riding the school bus.

Remember, before submitting a transportation request, please ensure the student's information is up to date in Infinite Campus at the school registrar's office.

To register, please click here:

The deadline to register is July 15th to secure a bus seat for the first day of school.

For special needs transportation, please contact the Exceptional Services Program (Special Education Department) at 706-748-2230, located at the Muscogee County Public Education Center.

For additional assistance, please contact the Transportation Department at (706) 748-2876.

Technology, Library Materials, & School Property responsibilities and fines Chromebooks

All students have been issued a Chromebook (to include Case and Charger) to use during the school day. Students must be responsible for their Chromebook/Case/Charger at all times. In an effort to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, students must be responsible for the care of their Chromebook and not damage it in any way. Chromebooks are to be carried in a case at all times when not in use.

Students who damage Chromebooks and/or accessories can be assessed a replacement fee as per Board (see MCSD Board Policy JS: Student Fees, Fines, and Charges).

Fines and Fees Section

Care and Use of School Property - Chromebooks, Textbooks, and Media Center Checkouts: Students will be held responsible for the proper care of all books, supplies, Chromebooks, and accessories or equipment furnished to them by the school. A student who defaces, damages, or loses school property shall be required to pay for the damage or loss(see MCSD Board Policy JS: Student Fees, Fines, and Charges).

A Parent/Student must pay all fees and fines owed to the school in a timely fashion. Parent/Student must clear all fines or fees during the year the fines are assessed. Fines must be paid/cleared where they were assessed and before moving to the next level in school.

Pik My Kid 


Georgetown Elementary school will be using PikMyKid to manage dismissal and as an added level of protection to ensure that our kids are always accounted for.  This is a school wide process. We appreciate everyone's willingness to follow our new school protocol.


                                    :KEY STEPS:

1. Search "PikmyKid-parent app" in your google play store or apple store.

2. Enter your name and email.

3. Verify Email

4. Add Phone number and create password

5. Exit app completely

6. Enter app again

7. Click add child (in blue)

8. Scan Parent Connection Code




*****To ensure you are our Georgetown parents, please still have the corresponding car tag hanging in your cars for car dismissal*****



*** Parents, you will be able to see when your student has left the classroom AND when the bus/daycare has departed our campus.



*** Parents, you will be able to see when your student has been dismissed from the campus.



*** Parents, you will be able to see when your student has been dismissed to the after-school program.



** will be able to add emergency contacts.

** Change mode of transportation BY 12:30


Note:  Newly registered students AND Pre-k Students do not have parent connection codes as of 8/5/23. Your child's homeroom teacher will send these codes as soon as the school receives them.




Parent HOW TO video links: ( to register) (using app)  ( Acct tab overview)

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